The academy was established in the year 2012 to build a high performance football centre within North East and a mark in India at national level(s). One of the key objectives of this initiative is to promote football in the community and create opportunities of football talent at grass-root and junior level. NRL Football Academy has U-13, U-15 & U-17 age categories of teams and participates in various state, regional and national level tournaments including national I-League since 2015. NRL Corporate Social Responsibility initiative also includes the partnership with Sportify as academy partner to manage end-to-end of the academy work.



“To be seen as a pioneer and leader in establishing football youth development program with holistic approach of developing football”


Ensure participation, play, education and enjoyment of the game across all age to involve learners of all age groups, genders and abilities: all inclusive.



  • Focus on development of young players through appropriate coaching and competition to maximize their enjoyment and development

  • Creation of effective “football platform” for community development

  • Implement and adhere FIFA Youth Development guidelines

  • To implement a progressive, phased and developmental player pathway

  • To implement age related development and educational goals

  • Game-related approach as the major focus of training

  • To provide scope for clubs/ associations and other organisations to support transition points for developing better players

  • Complement developments in coach education that offer a rich and authentic teaching-learning experience for everyone



  • Football being played by everyone

  • Football being learned and therefore taught

  • Football being experienced and enjoyed

  • Understand the football purpose of the exercise

  • Recognize the game-related intention

  • Challenged to improve both individually and as a team





  • Represent U13 Inter District Football Tournament from Bokakhat DSA

  • Represent U14 Inter School Football Tournament From Numaligarh High School




  • Playing up to Semi-final Level in Inter District U13Champion U14 District Inter School Qualified for Pilik Choudhary State Inter School Tournament

  • Played up to semifinal in Pilik Choudhary Inter School Tournament




  • Champion Cluster level of U13 Sujit Narzary Inter District tournament

  • Two player got State Selection - Abhishek Saikia and Palash Gogoi

  • Champion U14 District Inter School

  • Qualified to participate Pilik Choudhary State Inter School Tournament




  • Participate U15 Youth I League 2015

  • Awarded Academy Accreditation from AIFF

  • Participated U16 Youth I League 2016

  • Abhishek Saikia represented Assam Sub Junior team in 2015

  • Champion Cluster level of U13 Sujit Narzary Inter District tournament

  • Secured 3rd position in U13 Sujit Narzay Inter District football Tournament 2016

  • Players invited State trial of U13 State team

  • Champion U14 District Inter School and qualified to participate Pilik Choudhary State Inter School Tournament

  • Champion of Assam Sub Junior tournament 20164 players represented Assam in Sub Junior National tournament




  • Champion in Pilik Choudhary Prelim Level

  • Qualified for State Championship in U-15 & U-17

  • Three players selected in state team for Nationals 

  • 5-a-side football tournament in every month in U10, U12, U14 and U16 age categories to increase participation

  • NRL Football Academy organized AFC Grassroot Day in 2016 and 2017.  In 2017 600+ children and adults participated in 5-a-side tournament from various Schools and Coaching centres in AFC Grassroot Day.

  • NRL Football Academy Organized U14 State Championship in cooperation with Bokakhat District Sports Association.

  • NRL Football Academy organized Coach Education Program every year

  • NRL Football Academy organized Parents Interact Program every year

  • Health & Medical Check-Up Camp for the players – quarterly in year Provides free Medical treatment to the cadets if the academy



NRL Football Academy initiated its expansion and will be in effect from August 2017.



  1. The plan includes to enroll 15+ cadets from entire Assam state. The scouting for the final trial is done and will be inducted from August 2017. The academy will provide accommodation, food and education along with all other facilities.

  2. Initiation and identification of seven “satellite or feeder academies” is planned.The identified feeder academies are:
    # Golaghat, 
    # Dergaon
    # Sarupathar
    # Letekujan
    # Khumtai
    # Kamargaon
    # Bokakhat


The feeder academies would be provided all support and facilities with props, equipment, ground maintenance, coaches, coach education etc. The objective of these feeder academies would be to expand football participation in the region and to increase the talent pool. From the larger talent pool, with a planned and scientific approach the scouting will direct the prospective cadets to induct in the main NRL Football Academy. 


  1. NRL and Sportify already initiated to establish relation with professional clubs for trials of talented cadets. This would certainly support and motivate players to improve on their performance. 

  2. This year it is planned to send talented players from the academy to abroad for special training. This would provide international exposures to exceptionally talented players. Academy partner Sportify is quite well connected to organize these tours.

  3. Special coaching camps will be organized in the academy and in various places of the country along with exposure to various levels of tournaments.

  4. As per the roadmap and based on the feasibility the academy is aiming to establish this as a full-fledged residential academy.